School Uniform


Children will wear outdoor shoes appropriate for the weather and activities on that day – e.g. winter boots, wellies, trainers, closed toe sandals
Children will also require indoor footwear to be kept in school – e.g. pumps, crocs or other appropriate footwear
Footwear can be of any colour with the emphasis on it being fit for purpose

School Top

Children will wear a school hoodie or sweatshirt with a school badge
The school top will be navy and embroidered with the new school logo
School tops are available from Brigade Clothing Ltd. Purchases can also be made through school office at a discounted rate
All children should bring a school top to school each day
A sustainable model of re-use and recycling of these tops will be encouraged through regular ‘uniform swaps’


Comfortable, practical t-shirt or shirt covering shoulders and midriff to avoid sunburn.
Colour will not be specified


Waterproof tops and bottoms will be recommended for all children. We ask for parents to supply these where possible
Sun hats or caps will be offered with the school logo on them, non-logo hats are also acceptable


Comfortable, practical trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses, including leggings and jogging bottoms – the emphasis here is that children should be dressed and prepared for outdoor learning and play every day in weather-appropriate clothing which doesn’t restrict movement and activity
Colour will not be specified

PE Days

Navy blue t-shirt – we ask that all children have this item to provide consistency and a summer option for trips and outings
Black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms
Children will be encouraged to keep their PE kit in school and stored in their drawstring PE bag
Children can wear appropriate PE shoes (e.g. trainers) to school on PE days or these can be left in their drawstring bags
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