In designing our curriculum, we have aimed to combine the use of overarching historical and geographical projects with clear yearly progression in skills and knowledge for each subject area.

Every half term, each class will have an alternating history and geography project. As well as providing an enjoyable and engaging focus for children’s learning, these projects combine to ensure that there is full coverage of the National Curriculum across the school in these subjects. Alongside these projects, children will follow subject-specific progression in all other areas. Cross-curricular links between subjects will be made where these provide meaningful ways of extending and deepening learning. In all subjects we seek out practical, varied and memorable learning experiences.

Our aim is to provide children with a broad, balanced and enjoyable curriculum that engages, interests and extends them and is, at the same time, underpinned by a clear progression in skills and knowledge for each subject area.
These classes aim to foster creativity, improve fine motor skills and help students explore their artistic abilities.
The primary goal is to build a foundation for future technological literacy and digital competency.
DT encourages critical thinking and innovation while providing a practical understanding of how every day objects are designed and produced.
Students engage in activites that encourage them to explore their imagination, build confidence and enhance their communication skills.
English builds a strong foundation in language, communication and litercay which are fundamental skills for academic success and everyday life.
We introduce students to the world around them and help them develop a understanding of the Earth's physical and cultural features.
Global learning helps students develop a broader perspective, cultural sensitivity and awareness of global issues.
Students develop a sense of historical perspective and appreciation for the factors that have shaped the world as we know it today.
We teach students to build a solid mathematial foundation, enhance problem solving abilities which supports aspects of daily life.
We introduce students to foreign languages and aim to foster an early appreciation for linguistic diversity and cultural understanding.
By introducing students to the world of music, we create an appreciation for sound, rhythm and creative expression.
We teach children how to read and write by emphasizing the relationship between letters (graphemes) and the sounds they represent (phonemes).
PE plays a critical role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, physcial fitness and development of motor and social skills.
We equip students with life skills and knowledge to make informed and responsible choices and to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.
RE is designed to be inclusive and respectful of all students backgrounds and beliefs whilst providing a sense of cultural impact.

We aim to cultivate curiosity, foster an understanding of the natural world and encourage exploration and discovery.
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