Long Term Plan for Growth and Development
  • We value just and fair inclusion in which all can participate, prosper and fulfil their purpose.
    We value authentic relationships and the right for all children and adults to have their feelings, emotions and thoughts recognised, such that everyone can develop a sense of belonging and thrive.
    We believe everyone has something to offer, and we can all learn from each other and grow as a school community.
  • Our schools welcome children to a community of learning where we develop a culture of high expectation and aspiration but all effort and achievement, in any area, is valued.
    In school, we live and learn together, and we can shape our future. We are open to change and adapting to the needs of individuals, our community, and the challenges that affect all of us as citizens of a global world.
  • We value the richness of learning and the range of opportunities which allow children and adults to think, question and explore. We want our children to be filled with a recurring sense of awe and wonder, and encourage their natural curiosity and imagination to be inquisitive, innovative and creative. Together we seek to broaden horizons and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to flourish in the wider world.
Long Term Plan for Growth and Development

Focused objectives 2022-2023

Our annual cycle of Federation development, growth and improvement is focused around four core areas.

To grow our federation culture, based on our shared values, by placing the interconnectedness of authentic relationships, individual self-worth, inclusion and a meaningful, relevant curriculum at the core of every child’s learning experience and the wider development of the school.

a. Immerse our federation values into the design and implementation of our taught curriculum through:

Focused teaching and learning
Assemblies and shared events
Displays and relevant literature

To embed a broad, balanced, engaging and creative curriculum across the Federation.
a) Strengthen and monitor the implementation of an ambitious and high-quality mathematics curriculum for all pupils, ensuring pupils’ attainment and progress in maths across the federation

b) Further develop and improve the federation’s redesigned curriculum, Curriculum 22, through:

The introduction of an assessment framework for all foundation subjects
The implementation of an annual programme of reflection, review and self-evaluation in all subjects to ensure consistency and high quality outcomes
Embedding a fully integrated, outdoor learning curriculum across all age groups

To develop a holistic, school-based approach to inclusion; supporting and understanding the range of mental health and emotional needs, SEND and other vulnerabilities.
a) Establish an ambitious curriculum for all SEND pupils, ensuring sustained progress in all subjects

To develop all staff as leaders through a collaborative, team approach, giving all a voice and encouraging empowerment.
a) Design and implement a staff training and wellbeing offer, intrinsically linked to the culture and values of the federation and the interests and skills of all individuals

Each focused objective is detailed in a supplementary plan. The plan details key actions, success criteria, areas of responsibility, timescales, resourcing/costs and how the impact of each action will be reviewed and evaluated. Focused objectives are in response to actions published in individual schools’ Ofsted inspection reports, current performance information and school self-evaluation.
LPGD Overview (2022-23) - September 2022
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